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Default Just returned from Costa Fortuna !

I want you to know about Costa. First off we were on the Fortuna the staff was wonderful, the ship beautiful. The entertinment poor, food ok, not much of a variety. Now for the bad part they do not cater to Americans. The cliental on this ship is very rude and pushy. I'm talking about the italians, they seem to think they owned the ship, they run you over, push and shove you, and never say excuse me. At day five I had had enough and we started pushing back and I went a step further and had to get one man told off. So unless you like latin music, you are pretty much just screwed. The entertainment was the same everyday. As far as the ports they could have left a few off, such as La Romona, San Juan. They did not give you enouh time at the ports they did go to. The best ports were St. Thomas and Nassau. In San Juan do not take the Bacardi Tour a total waste of money. In St. Tomas the Sub marine excursion was wonderful. And we did enjoy the Off Road Jeep excursion in La Romona, but it was very scary in some areas. Do not get off the ship in La Romona unless you have a excursion planned not safe at all to go out there on your own. Very high crime rate, and they sell drugs on every corner, and the aids rate is very high, very poor country. All in all we had a good time. But would we recommend this cruise line to any body, no way. This was our first cruise and maybe our last. It left us feeling that cruising is not the way to go. Good luck if you have already booked with Costa.
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