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I have to say that the sun is not good from a health or aging perspective, though tans do look good. You can get your vitamin D from a pill vs the sun, and there's a lot of tan alternatives. If you go in a booth, you're kinda paying for giving yourself wrinkles, skin cancer, etc. And, then you have to pay more later to try to remove the stuff (cancer or sun spots, etc).

Guess its a cheap alternative, but since I'm in the gym everyday and like the look of a tan, I use Jergens lotion every day with the "touch of color" and it gives a fairly natural tan and doesn't streak. And, with me, if it could streak, it would. Cause I too had the horror of the "orange tan" when a teenager.

And, sunblock really should be worn every day. There's a lot of new ones that don't feel greasy, etc. I don't know, I guess I've seen too many people go thru skin cancer.... the ozone layer is just not what it use to be..
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