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Default Fake tan, sun & returned from the Freedom & going to

Ya, sunblock is good .... and a little 'fake' tan if you want it looks good too! Hear ya on the 'cancer' thing .... just had a reoccurance on a squamous that was removed so had to see this specialist called a Mohs surgeon .... we'll get that sucker taken care of the end of the month. They've made great strides with treatment, but my feeling is 'everything in moderation' .... sunlight is good for you .... just not 'baking in it'!! I've also been told that my condition I did NOT get in my adult 'sun-worshipping' years when I never burnt, but 'thought' I was getting a safe, gradual tan (even tho it still couldn't have been good and I have the wrinkles to show for it! hehe!!) but I'm told that alot of bad burns as a child or adolescent (which I had many) messes up the DNA and it comes out later in life. Sorta helped me with my 'guilt' complex after all the skin cancer appeared!! heh1! ANYWAY .... whatever you all chose, enjoy! We got back last month, well, actually 2 months ago now from our trip on the Freedom .... it was Fabulous! Met so many nice people .... loved just about everything .... the ports (not that crazy about Jamaica tho!) the ship, everything .... it was wonderful! Can't wait to go again ... but ya know .... as amazing as the Freedom is .... it IS big .... and I think I kinda like the 'Voyager Class' better .... just a tad smaller but basically the same layout. We've sailed the Adventure (my personal favorite) and the Explorer. Leaving in 2 weeks for a trip to Aruba .... not by sea .... got an Interval Exchange, so we're flying. Been there about 10 years ago, stayed at the Radisson on Palm Beach .... we'll be in Oranjestad at the Renaissance so it will be a little different with the location and all. Looking forward to seeing the ships arrive in the harbor!! Anyone got any good suggestions on restaurants, etc. .... we'll be there from the 17th to the 24th of April.
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