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This has little to do with anything else, but thought I'd share with you that we have traveledin sheltered balcony cabin aboard QM2 and would do it anytime -- prefer it to other balcony cabins, actually, as there are always winds on the seas and we had wonderful protection. We used it regardless of weather for an evening cigar and for morning coffee.


Originally Posted by vistapat
Thank you both for your very thoughtful reply. We will have to evaluate whether we can accommodate a tuxedo, suit for semi-formal, jacket for casual, along with formal, semi-formal, and other garments for me. I will be reminding my husband, however, how very attractive men look in formal wear, especially gentlemen of a certain age and avoirdupois!

Your pictures were wonderful, and have us eagerly anticipating our cruise, which now seems too long in the future. We have booked an A7 balcony cabin which is at the extreme front of the ship, in the "sheltered balcony" area. As I understand it, the only tangible difference is that the front of the balcony is solid steel rather than plexiglass. That, and there may be rather more movement at the bows than amidships. We will pray that the Med is calm.

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