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Default Re: Specialty Restaurants worth the extra Cost?


Originally Posted by You
We're sailing on the Mariner in July. Just wondering if you thought the specialty restaurants were worth the extra cost? I'd hate to pay extra and be disappointed!
I can't speak to Royal Caribbean's specialty restaurants, but the important point to bear in mind is that the real cost of dining in a specialty restaurant is not just the direct charge. Rather, it's the direct charge plus the meal in the main dining room that you are not eating, which was included in your cruise fare. Thus, the right question is not whether you would pay the charge at a specialty restaurant to eat that meal, but rather whether you would pay that amount additional to eat that meal instead of the meal that you are not eating in the main dining room. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people assess the value of the meals served in specialty restaurants based only on the amount of the surcharge!

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