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I totally understand what you are saying, for single-party consumers it is very tough. The whole question of why a class action has not been filed yet is pretty much answered by the thought that there is not enough in assets to collect anything.

I really don't know if that is true - the ships and the shipyard all together are probably worth several million, but it would take a lot to tie them all together because they are so scattered in different corps in different countries that it is a mess. It is even said the Burkes themselves had forgotten how to claim title on some of their ships.

Even the FDAC suggests you can go to small claims court which is NOT a bad idea because it only costs a few dollars (in most states) to even file a claim and there are no lawyers. No doubt, some of the subpeonaes Sobegal saw when she rode by the closed home office on her bike were such.

If they don't answer you get a default judgement which can be up to the limit - and most states are at $5000 now.

Still, I understand the only satisfaction now is likely going to come from seeing them prosecuted somehow, but the more people who complain the more likely that will be to happen, and the worse the final outcome will be.
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