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Default Re: Thanks!

Originally Posted by MKC22
Thanks for the tip, nmnita for posting it on the Princess thread as well.

We looked into RCI and NCL and found the ship to be very large with over 3000 people on them. We don't like crowds too much and fear that it would overwhelm us. We were drawn to Holland because of the simple and classy ships and supposedly good food.

We are going Nov 8 so it won't be during Thanksgiving. My travel agent tells me that my kids are at an age where they will have fun on any boat and since it is our 1st cruise it will be great for them anywhere so he suggested we choose a ship to cater more to our needs. I know the NCL and RCI have lots of features (skating, flow rider, rock climbing) but I don't think our family would use any of it so it really does not matter. I think our main priorities are a good stateroom, kids club and a good spot to just lay in the sun and do nothing! We just really want to experience cruising and what it's like to be on a ship.
The cabins on HAL are the nicest of any line we have cruised, which is a lot of lines. The food is good, similar to Princess., in some cases better. yes, the ships are classy and the crew friendly, but I am still a bit concerned about the kids and the kids club, especially at that time of the year. You will see mainly people from 60 to 90 cruising. I don't mean there are no kids or no 30 somethings, but they will be fewer than even on Princess. I am telling you this the same way I would tell my clients and HAL is my second favorite line. As for laying in the sun and doing nothing, you will certainly get that.

Good luck,

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