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Originally Posted by Adatudy
Are these tags different than the ones they will give me to put on before I cruise?
Yup. They are different. The last night that you are on the ship they will give you new tags that have a detachable number on them. The #1 tags like Gary said will get your bags(and you) off the ship first. Now, there are a variety of theories on whether or not you even want to do this. We used to want to be the first off and did everything possible to make this happen. Then one year we decided to relax, have a leisurely breakfast and wait for the chaos to die down. Now that we are platinum we could use the priority debarkation, instead we relax, have a leisurely breakfast and get off the ship later on. If you'd told me at the beginning that I'd change my mind I would have laughed, but things change I guess.

To echo Gary in this as well, it really does seem like a lot of details to absorb but before you know it everything will be so much clearer and in many ways down right easy : )
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