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Default Señor Frogs in Mazatlan

Did you know that the Señor Frogs restaurant bar (not the stores) started in Mazatlan? Yes, we have the original Señor Frogs which started in the 1970´s at the Hotel Las Arenas (Sands) on Avenida del Mar and moved in the 1980's to where it is now, three blocks north of the original location.
Other Señor Frogs now are in P.V., Tijuana, Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Rico and other locations.
Good drinks and a wild place, good for dancing on the tables (been there, done that). My favorite, the BBQ ribs, very good!

Well, the news now is that Señor frogs is moving from its location for years to El Cid Hotel. Yes, they will be on the main avenue in the golden zone (Av Camaron Sabalo) at El Cid, so they will be in the action zone.

They plan to move there this summer 2008. I will let you know more when I hear more.

Just so you know.............

Mazatlan Frank
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