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The Captain told us to call customer relations when we got home and they would do something for us. My wife called and they said they would get back to her in a week. She called a week and a half later and they said they would do nothing for us. This was the decision from the President and the Captain. We missed a port before because of high winds with Carnival and they gave each passenger $50. This Captain only gave us $25. We have been on 10 cruises, 6 with Carnival, never had a situation like this. Never seen or heard from the Captain the whole cruise. Only seen the Captain when he talked to the group of people, and basically told everyone to call customer relations. He said it was company policy, and he could do nothing. When my wife talked to customer relations, they told her it was up to the Captain on what he wanted to do. We are only upset because we wasn't very well informed on what was going on. We were not even told that the ship turned around and headed back to Corpus Christi. The Captain could of did a much better job on keeping us informed, and we would of been happy. Also, he could of given each passenger at least $50. Carnival could at least give us a discount on our next cruise. We are a family of four, and we always get two rooms. It is very expensive for us, because we have to cruise during the peek times, when our children are out of school. We paid $3800.00 for two inside rooms, not cheap. I really thought Carnival would do something for us. Why did the Captain tell us to call customer relations, and they would do something for us?
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