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In response to Shelby and DeeDee, the only place I have every seen so many walkers is in Carlingwood Mall here in Ottawa, as it is one level and carpeted. What I found shocking is I have never in my life seen so many walkers, scooters, oxygen tanks in my entire life. Yet there were dozens on the HAL sailings. It was a stark contrast to the next sailing (right after the Maasdam) on ncl Spirit - I saw one woman with an oxygen tank. Much, much younger crowd. I have wondered why we saw so many people with these sort of things, because we rarely see them here. Are Canadians in better health in general? I am being serious, as I have never seen anyone in public here with an oxygen tank.

So far no one in my family (Grandparents, elderly parents, elderly aunties etc) use or have used any of the above mentioned appliances, maybe I will be lucky in that regard - or just keep active, not smoke and stay healthly and hope for the best. My inlaws who are die hard HAL fans are close to 80 and they get around just fine on the ships. It seemed to me that there are limitations for some with disabilities, when we were in Grand Cayman a very large man in a scooter (400lbs I would say and a heavy smoker, I saw him puffing away during the week yuck) wasn't able to be taken on the tender. He complained and complained, I felt sorry for the staff on the Zaandam, there was no way they could hoist this man on the tender, and of course there was no way he could have gotten off the tender and on to the steps at the dock in Georgetown. There are so many tendered ports I am sure this is a common occurance.

An aside, my FIL who is a retired RCN Commandor said something like 'a boat is what you take when the ship is sinking' lol

As for the children issue, I know the counsellors know the kids, but the kids won't have many or any playmates for the week. We were cruising with family (8 of us in total) so we were at our own table. I don't know if other people would have been so happy having meals with my boys during the week. They are extremely well behaved and they know how to use cutlery properly (gee if only some adults would learn! lol) and are adventerous eaters. My boys are history buffs and can carry on conversations as well, but not everyone wants to be near kids all week. I see it again and again on the boards were many people complain about children on board ship. The staff certainly treated our boys well, no complaints at all. They enjoyed being on ships with more kids their age.

If DH go on a cruise by ourselves we are looking into RSSC so it would probably be a cruise with no kids on board at all. Then we wouldn't feel guilty
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