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Originally Posted by sun~
I think it is funny that you should think only 'tacky' contests are on RCI or Princess...the tackiest contest that I have ever seen was on HAL lol it was a wet t-shirt (mind of the gutter!!) were two lines of people (one on either side of the pool) team a & b each had a wet t-shirt that they had to put on and the next person got it off and put it on, all the way down the line. It was funny and the losing team got the better prize! Apparently, they do this on HAL, which is quite funny. We walked away from some such contest with a travel alarm clock
I haven't seen that done in years? They used to have a lot of pool games (this one included) on the old Volendam, Rotterdam V and the "N" ships.

In fact I've seen very few pool games on HAL ships in the last few years.

When did you see this on a HAL ship and which one, can you remember?
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