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Boy has this thread turned out to be interesting: As for Sun's comments about walkers, oxygen, etc, even at 70 years old I think this is a point that should be pointed out. Of course it depends on the itiinerary as well as other things, but yes, we have seen more people using such things on HAL followed by Princess. I didn't take it as an insult being written, but more as a comment as they were not quite prepared for this. Anyway, it is still something to be mentioned so others will know what to expect.

MCK22: for what you seem to want and what your impressions are about HAL compared to other lines I think you are making a good choice. I do want to say a couple of things< no. there will not be more kids sailing on the 13th of Dec, anytime after the 15th this may be the case, but not when you are cruising and don't expect HAL to be that much more upscale from other mass marketed lines. Other than the fresh flowers throughout the ship and the slightly larger cabins it nothing like the luxury liners. Today's mass marketed lines are more alike than different.

I do think you will have a great time, and if I understand you correctly this is your first cruise. If so you will be completely satisfied. I still would not have chosen HAL with kids, but you know your kids and what they will like. I really think your mind was made up before you posted, you just wanted some re-assurance and you got that from many.

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