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I would like to address the original poster.. As a born again christian this is a personal choice there is nothing in the Bible that says to NOT gamble or that it is a sin. The only thing the Bible mentions is that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, that being said I tried to find a reference to gambling because my husband wanted to know the answer to that question and to my surprise there wasn't any reference for gambling in the concordence. I was watching Jerry Falewell one time and he addressed the issue. His exact words were "Even though it isn't in the Bible I don't know why people would want to waste their money". I am a christian that enjoys playing slots and going to the casino. I only spend what I set as a limit and then I stop. This is really a personal choice and if you feel its a sin then you shouldn't as for me I don't feel that way so I do gamble.
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