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You are all way off base! I was also on the cruise and guy was not a lawyer. He was totally compassionate about the emergency situation. The complaint was not about the emergency. We all understand if there is an emergency and it takes top priority. My freinds and I were actually involved in the petition and we were a group of Firemen,police officers,teachers and paramedics. So we do understand the idea of emergency. The problem is the cruise line made extra money off of us because we were on the boat instead of the island. They made money off of the liquor gambling and shops etc. I am a business owner and I understand emergency but I also understand taking care of my customer. We all spent money to go on the vacation in expects of what we paid for and true the situation arose and we needed to handle it accordingly but the cruise line (in my humble opinion) should understand that we all sufferd from the situatiuon and could at least share the loss. They didnt loose anything,they actually gained in the situation. They didnt have to even do much but they could have at least acted like they cared. I was very dissapointed in the cruise. Maybe I expected too much but the crew as a whole was not very freindly. Our main dining room guys were great but other than that it was not good but they all still split that large gratuity that was added to my bill. I am from the school that if you do well you get paid well but they all get paid well rather they do good or not. I also purchased a coke card for $48.00 and then when I tried to get room service they said the card was only good in the dining room and bars. Thats seems a little crapy beings I paid $48.00 for a coke card on the ship. The lines for the buffets were really long everytime we went to them and they seemed to be closed alot during the day so you had to go get in the burger or pizza line. Another thing that was aggravating is that most of the emplyees on the ship were foriegn and thats fine but I could not understand them as well as them me alot of the times. There was definantly a comunication problem and last but not least on the day to get off the ship they call your #'s and you think man this is working well. I will be off here in a minute and then when you get downstairs then there is a line an mile long. I was standing by an older couple and had to help with their luggage and let them sit on the ground because they had to stand so long. They were very disapointed. Again, I am a business owner and there are alot of things that are out of our control but as the owner I always do the extra for my customer because they are the one that spent their hard earned money and I am the one excepting it. Thanks,
Gerald Vess
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