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Default Re: 1st time, Princess, what will I have to purchase onboard

Originally Posted by LittleBlueStar
Hello! I am so excited about my upcoming vacation! In June I will be on the 16 day Royal Princessc ship for the Rome to Stockholm cruise. I simply can not wait for this as it is my FIRST big vacation, and definately my first time cruising.

I am a little confused though about what I will actually be paying for on the ship.
* I know meals, buffet- room service - dining room, are included - but what about the additional specialty resturants? I read that there may be an additional cover charge to be there, so will I end up paying for the meal there as well?

* I am well aware that bar drinks are not included, so coffees and cappucinos will run me extra as well?

*How much is the usual class fee for some of the Scholorship@Sea classes that do charge?
**AND off the subject of money** what kind of classes are they likely to have on this boat? (They sound very fun!)

*I read on their homepage in the "gifts" section, under "culinary delights" that you can purchase things like cheese and cracker platters, fancier versions of that ..... so things like that would be extra, or complimentary depending on the time of day (supper time for example.) Ugh I'm confused.

Also, for anyone who is an avid cruiser, or familiar with Princess or Royal Princess, what kind of evening shows are they talking about? I have no idea, and am just too impatient to wait and see.

Anyway...I am just wanted to make sure I budget enough for on ship expenses in addition to expenses at port. (I'm 25, single and on a budget! Getting this far was a stretch for me, so I just want to make sure I budget enough where it needs to be spent!!)

Thank you for taking time to read this, hope some of you have some experienced insight for me!
of course when you embark you will present a credit card which will be referenced to your key card and everything you charge will go on your account. This includes the $10.50 per day gratuities. Regular coffee will not have an extra charge but speicalty coffees will. As for things like cheese and crackers you probably would have no reason to even think of buying anything like that. At least we never do unless we have a large crowd and people into our cabin for drinks which has only happened a couple of times. If you decide to eat in one of the specialty dining rooms the additional price will be somewhere around $20 a person (take of give) plus a small tip if you want to leave one, not necessary.

Now, the shows: the entertainment is good, shows will range from comedians and vocalists to Las Vegas type productions. Are they the same quality as Vegas? Of course not, but they are good. Of course remember every ship has a casino so you may want to allow a few bucks for gambling.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

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