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Originally Posted by aarmcotr
Maybe I expected too much but the crew as a whole was not very freindly. The lines for the buffets were really long everytime we went to them and they seemed to be closed alot during the day so you had to go get in the burger or pizza line. Another thing that was aggravating is that most of the emplyees on the ship were foriegn and thats fine but I could not understand them as well as them me alot of the times. There was definantly a comunication problem and last but not least on the day to get off the ship they call your #'s and you think man this is working well. I will be off here in a minute and then when you get downstairs then there is a line an mile long.
Maybe you did expect too much.

I've been on ships where I thought the crew was not as friendly as before. Oh well, the cruise goes on, gotta adjust MY attitude.

Buffet lines...timing is everything. If you wait til 9:30 for breakfast or noon for lunch you'll be in a line. You can go to the dining room.

Communication problems? Yeah sometimes. Enough to negatively affect your cruise experience? It will be if you let on to them that you don't think their English is up to snuff. They already know that. Cut 'em some slack, 'cause when you visit Romania you'll want them to cut you some slack, you know?

Debarkation, think about it. 2500-3000 people toting luggage, boxes, wheelchairs, kids, talking, tired, hungover, trying to see if their cell phone works, etc. Unless you were first to board, you probably didn't sail right on to the ship either.
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