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Are as dumb as you look? Can you not read?
Nice.. and good sound arguements If you want do discuss the issue here, you should discuss it with reason, and no personal attacks. Personal attacks are not allowed on the web site, for one (and you should control that if you want to carry on posting here)... and secondly normally just show a lack of thought into the actual topic of dissention.

Sounds like the same arguement the fellow that got put off in port used. No where in your post did you mention ANY sympathy or empathy to the person involved in the medical emergency. You only spoke of your rights... so I can read

As far as not caring what the contract says... that's not a very wise way to do business, whether for your business, or for your vacation.

Are you suggesting that if anyone on a Carnival ship, including you or your family, becomes ill and finds themselves in a similar medical emergency that requires a similar change itinerary, that Carnival should just give everyone else onboard a full refund?

Or perhaps they should bill the person or family involved?

What you and the others missed on this cruise was a few hours in Jamaica. A pretty fair exchange, at least in my view, for saving a person's life.

You premise that Carnival made more money because of it doesn't work either, as they would have lost all the revenue from the hundreds of overpriced shore excursions they sell. They would have made back some from the extra purchases onboard, and lost some too with the costs of the food those onboard consumed in the extra time.

Fact is if they made so much more money on days at sea, they'd structure their itineraries for less port days.

It's not all about money all the time. I think some compassion for a person in a dire medical emergency is a worthwile human trait. And from everything I've read or seen about this incident the VAST majority of passengers onboard took the situation in stride, were happy to hear the crew member was alright, and enjoyed the day at sea, and the remainder of the cruise.

And yes... I've been onboard cruises a number of times where we were similarily affected with itinerary changes. And yes... I admit to being foolish enough to simply be thankful the people survived, and not be furious that they had spoiled a day of my vacation. Fooish? Fine, if that's what you want to call it.
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