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Default Forgettable Items - You Don't Want to Forget

Don't forget -

1. Two clothes pins to anchor the corner of the shower curtain (to keep water in) and hanging clothes if there's the retractable "clothesline" in the shower.

2. BONINE (next to benadryl in the pharmacy) - prevents seasickness - use it each day if you've ever had reaction to motion of any kind. Works great. Also, bandaids, small amounts of antibiotic cream, tylenol, etc...can find on the ship, but costly.

3. Small flashlight and travel alarm - inside cabins are pitch black at night during bathroom trips. Alarm to ensure you wake for early shore excursions or a nap before formal night...etc.

4. A large trash bag to collect dirty clothes during the week and small/single use clothes soap, should you want to take less luggage and do a load of laundry on at at sea day (find at walmart or target).

5. Over the door shoe holder (canvass/plastic type) - holds all the small stuff in see through pockets - there's little storage in the cabin.


7. I start making a packing list a month before...and recheck it to ensure all is on it, before I begin packing.
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