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Originally Posted by CruisinK n J
Doug, funny!

Depends on how old you are, too. I don't like to see older cleavage. It's too wrinkley, and that's embarrassing. I also don't like to see "spilling outage" on any woman , young or old.

If you are over 50, and especially if you are "blessed," you should not show any more than the very top of the separation where the breast bone is.

You make it sound like 50 is old. Here's a newsflash, 50 is the new 30. Having just celebrated the BIG 50, I look better now than I ever looked. The girls are still very perky, with no wrinkles and the cleavage looks great! If you have it flaunt it - as long as you're wearing the tops that are 2 sizes too small!
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