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Default Re: Cruise black outfits etc.

Originally Posted by Tika
I am going on our tenth + cruise and have come to the conclusion that Black does it all. I have collected over the years many of Chicos Travelers sets. Travelers packs so wonderful and you can wash and dry almost overnight. I have many different tops in assorted colors and I had the bling for formal nights. Daytime and excursion wear are my hang up. I always pack too many shorts, slacks bathing suits etc. Not to mention weeding out my shoe pile to only a minium. I at least have one part figured out.............thanks to Chicos............:>)!
I pray to the Chico Gods all the time. Agree that Traveler sets are the best. They travel all over the world w/me for both business and pleasure. Next to the Travelers are all the great bright knit tops that go with black.
I was just looking at some cruise pics and realized that I bring the same clothes on every cruise. They're comfortable, but I need some new material for the next one. The Traveler pants stay, but new tops in some real bright colors are in order!
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