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Originally Posted by katlady
I like finding things on the internet. I agree with you different cultures are very interesting. I would not disrespect another culture. Some differences are hard to understand if you didn't grow up in that culture. Mountain Dog did you see the California Bull Fight at the Our Lady of Fatima Festa in Thornton CA? They do the demos every year in October. I love the parade of the animals at that Festa.

Queen Falina I hope you can find a bloodless demo it's a very interesting sport. One last portuguese BullFight from California you can see the collar the bull is wearing it's what the sticks go into. Because they don't pierce the skin of the bull the bull doesn't lose blood and does not weaken so it is a harder and in my opinion a more interesting bullfight.
Thank you for all of your help. Not having any luck. Probably will look for something else to do. It was worth the try. Might keep looking but not real earnest. Did check the sites you had listed, they all said the same thing. Again thank you.
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