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I struggled with that same question when it came to MSC. I've had really great experiences are Carnival and RCCL and was nervous about booking MSC after all the negative comments. In the end I looked at the price, did my research on the ship, decided I really liked the itinerary and booked it. The reality is for 17 days I will be cruising with the three most important people in my world for about $2500. The cruise is what you make it and with a positive attitude I think we'll be just fine. I've read some negatives about the food but the reality for me is that I'm sure there will be enough good food to keep me from going hungry. If you cruise after me I'll be sure to write a review and let you know how it went. Although some folks had booking problems, my booking was dead easy and the deposit was only $200 which was an added bonus since now I can pay pretty much in equal instalments of about $300 per month. Do your research and no matter what have a positive attitude, I think it's the mindset that determines success the majority of the time.
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