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What do I think.....

I opened your post being completely unfamiliar with MSC Cruises.
I went into research mode and was quite intrigued with what I found.
I looked into the MSC Opera, and it sounds pretty nice.
Absolutely nothing like what we are used to but still, in that
Euro kind of way it seems very appealing!

You know what, if I took every bad review I ever read to heart,
I never would have boarded my first cruise. Some people live
to complain and can't be satisfied no matter what. YOU be the
judge of how your cruise goes and how satisfied you are.

I think a nice change of pace in a decidedly European style
just might be a refreshing change and have you walking away
saying... "Ahhhhhhh that was nice!"

If the price is right and a 140 square ft cabin doesn't send you
running.... have a terrific cruise Paul... I bet the food will be just great!

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