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Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by vacaqn
NCL should dry dock this ship for good! This is the worst ship in their fleet. I can't understand why NCL doesn't take the ship out of commission and put a nicer larger ship on the 12 day out of NYC. The 12 day itinerary is awesome, but 12 days on that ship was the pits!
Like every other aspect of cruising a view on a particular ship can be very subjective. I have read both good and bad about the Spirit, but most of the reviews on another website are very positive when it comes to the Spirit. Maybe if you could give some details about what makes you feel this way about the Spirit it would be easier for some of us to understand. My bosses absolutely loved her and as Travel Agents they certainly have cruise many lines. I may add, NCL isn't their favorite line.

Nita :wink:
Hi Nita:
I agree, everything is subjective. Let me start by saying that NCL is my favorite line. I love everything about it and can't stop raving about all the great cruises we've taken on NCL (especially the most recent on the Gem).

I too read fantastic reviews about the Spirit - that's why we booked it.

My complaints about the Spirit were felt by many of the passengers that we spoke with during the course of the 12 days. The ship was dirty. There were never any towels at the pool area and we were all asking for hours for towels. We were all told in 10 minutes. Well, the 10 minutes turned into 4 days with no towels at the pool. That's unexceptable. The food was really substandard in the dining room. Yes, I'm the first to say opinions about food are VERY subjective, but when the temperature of the food is cold when it's supposed to be hot or when the salads are warm when they're supposed to be cold, that's unexceptable, not to mention dangerous. In 12 days, we never saw our cabin stewart until the night before disembarkation.

I also think that the ship is too small for the longer itineraries. This ship was purchased from an Asian company & refurbished to look like the rest of the NCL fleet. Everything is a smaller scale. I will say the artwork was interesting and I did enjoy it.

I realize that everyone has different requirements and mine are pretty basic. I love to vacation very casual and don't require much, but cleanliness and food prepared to the right temperature should be something monitored closely.

NCL does a great job of monitoring the use of hand sanitizers. I think this is what I like so much about this line.

I continue to cruise on NCL and love it, just not the Spirit.
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