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Originally Posted by fllady
My DH is really mad and said no more Celebrity even though we are Elite members. He smokes only on the balcony, but they are stopping it in almost every place. Oh well the othr cruise lines will be getting out business now.
Tell your DH that I am mad as h*ll too and I don't even sail Celebrity. I'm a HAL fan.

The problem is that once cruise lines start revamping their smoking policies, eventually all of them will fall into line and have pretty much the same policies. I've read on some message boards where HAL is taking surveys among passengers asking them if they would sail on a smoke-free ship and other questions concerning the smoking policies.

Unfortunately, I envision a time in the not too distant future when just about every cruise line will greatly restrict smoking onboard their ships. Perhaps they will a couple of outside areas where smoking will be allowed, but that will be it. No smoking will be permitted in cabins or on balconies.

I too don't like this because it is going to mean that I have to make a choice -- smoke or cruise ... and that's not fair.

Blue skies ...

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