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Whether such bans remain will be primarily based on the good old bottom line, money. I live in toen not to far from Manhattan. The city and my County are the stricktest regarding smoking regulation. In example NY State law bans smoking in restaurants and bars but allows it in outside table areas. My County goes step further by making it an employee health issue. You cannot smoke even in an outside table area if that area is serviced in any way by an employee. Hence you cannot have waiter service or busboy service in an outer dining area. You can not even smoke in any vehicle registered to a business where smoking is prohibted.

The local government says there has been no drop in business. They base this on sales tax revenues not declining. Of course they raised the salestax. Who knows, all i know is that I used to go to me bar/restaurant 2 to 3 times per week. I dropped that to once per week. Then many customers spent more time chatting and smoking outside than drinking and eating. Bottom line my favorite place of 35 years closed. Owner simply said no longer worth it between taxes and loss of business.

I certainly still go to restaurants. The difference is that I spend much less there which is good for me. I don't have a before dinner drink nor do I have dessert or linger over coffee. That change in habit for restaurants/bars is costly.

The big difference to me is that in NY and many places the government has dictated to the business owner. If the business owner said they didn't wish smoking and felt his business was better for it that is all well and good. Since the cruiselines are making a business decision no problem. As I said when I started. bottom line will rule which is how it should be.

In meantime government throws all kinds of stats out on what smokers cost medical system but never mention that alcohol. obesity, and many others things cost system even more.

Such regulation also makes it hard to argue against legislation concerning other similar areas like perfume wearing, eating poorly etc. Before you say baloney best take a look at how NY now legislates cooking with fats. Or lawsuits to ban perfume and such in the workplace.

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