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Originally Posted by kd
Get used to it folks. I'm sorry if the ruling offends you but smoking bans and restrictions will continue and all lines are likely to be affected.
I'm not offended at all. The battle has been over more or less for some time now and we, smokers, lost. Me I'm moving on, starting nationwide movement to ban fat people from buffet lines because they use my health care. Old people from buffet lines, because I lose 3lbs waiting for them to shuffle along. Kids from cruise ships, well just because they are kids. I'll let the woman in Detroit rid civilized society of the stinky perfume and lotion people KILLING ME with their chemical laden bodies.

Yep the anti-smokers have triumphed. So who we doing next? Who has the rope?

Carnivals new blue jeans for dinner in dining room new definition of casual. Sport jacket recommended for formal though not required. Guess all the lines will follow.

Tongue in check don't go nuts on me now
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