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Originally Posted by jacdenv24
MSC has a really great Caribbean itinerary in Feb. when we want to cruise. And great prices! Almost booked last week but then I started to read reviews on all kinds of web site- at least 50 different opinions. For every good review, there seems to be 5 bad ones . The #1 complaint appears to be the food-not that's it "too Italian" but that it's poorly prepared, presented and served. They apparently are very understaffed.
We cruise Celebrity 80% of the time and I just feel MSC would be too much of a comedown. BTW, all the reviews raved about the ships themselves-how elegant and well kept they were. And I checked the green sheet on the CDC website-the Lirica was inspected in March and got 100! Don't see that very often.
The reviews about the ships themselves are great. For us we take comments about food with a grain of salt, pardon the pun. We are not fussy eaters and none of us are really excited about what the food looks like on the plate. If it is hot and we're not hungry when we're done, it's perfect. I think when I look at it we're spending about $40 per person per day to eat, sleep and travel to exotic locations, truth be told I don't think I can feed my kids three fast food meals and two snacks each day at home for that with the current prices and MSC is throwing in luxury accomodations and activities and I don't have to make beds or do laundry. Heck, I'm only one step away from throw me cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch and a salad for supper and I've still gotten good value for my money. Maybe I'll be sorry that I travelled with them but I know I won't be able to complain that I didn't get my money's worth.
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