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Day 3- April 14- by Kuki
There is just something so special about waking up at 4:30 in the morning that reminds you you’re on a European cruise. In my case it’s because it’s 7:30 P.M, the day before at home, and time to wake up from my afternoon nap and have dinner. Or it may be because I had found some real shaving cream, with a safety razor in the ship’s gallery stores last night, and I’m subconsciously anxious to shave again without drawing blood. Or it may be my body was simply in desperate need of caffeine, and subconsciously I couldn’t get the in cabin coffee maker out of my mind. Plainly the reality of it is I’m just jet-lagged still. I tried to combat it last night by taking a sleeping pill when I thought it would be appropriate to get to sleep, and thought with the aid of the solid pharmaceuticals I’d wake up at a “normal “ hour, and an adjusted body clock. Obviously, the “best laid plan” was not to be.

I thought “that’s ok” I’ll catch up on the live afternoon edition of Fox News now offered within NCL’s new television offerings, but that station is frozen in time; at least the satellite feed is. So, at 4:30 in the morning, let’s talk about the one area available to me… my cabin.

There’s plenty of room for storage in this standard balcony cabin. But then it would have to be REALLY small to not have room for 3 pairs of slacks, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, 3 pieces of underwear, and 3 pairs of socks, and my traveling war chest of the medicines my doctor chooses to keep my body working as a finely tuned (ok out of tune) piece of machinery.

What I don’t like in these cabins is the lack of a proper desk. There is a table, with central pedestal by the sliding door, that by the location of the hair dryer, suggests it’s a vanity/or make up table. It has no drawer space beneath or nearby, so since Mrs. Kuki is not with me, I’ve designated it my “hold all the junk I take out of my pockets each night” table. And it’s littered with all the junk advertising that comes with the Freestyle Daily. But I’ll only keep it there until I have enough to wallpaper the entire cabin… which by estimate should only take until tomorrow.

Back over towards the front door of the cabin, at the foot of the bed, there’s a small oddly shaped, angled table, which would be perfect for a Vanity Table. The problem is this is where they chose to put the Ethernet connection, where guests can use their own laptops to access the Internet. And the fact there’s no light in this spot, which is immediately under the shelf holding the television, is a detriment to using it as either the vanity table, it would make sense for, or the laptop desk which I’m using it as. There’s also only a small circular stool by this table, so I’ve taken the chair from the “vanity mirror” to what’s now my “computer desk”. It butts up against the foot of the bed now, so other that totally cutting of the cabin space for the steward to clean, it should work well for me…and bracing it against the foot of the bed will prevent me from tipping over backwards if the jet lag gets too bad. There’s also very little light in this area, so no doubt my eyeglass prescription will change over the 12 days of the cruise, as I strain to see the computer screen.

Speaking of tables, the single night stand next to the bed is another oddity. It’s just a two shelved table, no drawers, and there’s only the one. Directly on the other side of the bed is the small love seat “sitting area”.

The best designed part of the cabin is its washroom; divided into three sections. The central area is the wash basin, with glass shelving for storage, and plastic shelving underneath. To your left is a separate toilet room with sliding door, and to the right, the nice sized shower, also with sliding door. I could conceivably have two different guests in, with one using the toilet, while the other showered, while I shaved at the sink. Not that that’s ever going to happen at my age, but there’s room for it.

The beds in my cabin are joined to form a queen sized bed. With the implementation of Freestyle 2.0 all the beds in the villas and suites have already been replaced with thick euro-top style plus bedding, high thread count sheets, and a selection of upscale comfortable pillows. In the remaining cabins the existing beds have had foam tops added to the tops of the mattresses. I have to admit that the addition has made them extremely comfortable…though I do admit to wishing they were so much more comfortable, that I’d still be sleeping right now instead of typing.

The closet area is a large, with a well stocked mini-bar, plenty of shelves and a few drawers, and a private safe. And I also have a lovely chrome finish garbage pail where eventually I’ll store all my wallpaper.

Last night, just prior to turning in for the night, I did receive a notice from the Shore Excursion team that my Street Party Tour had been cancelled due to lack of participation. I’m guessing that word spread throughout the ship that the guy with no luggage had booked, and would probably be carrying a bit of a foul odor by now, so people cancelled. This certainly wouldn’t be the case, as my shower luckily was not packed in my luggage.

Today’s question therefore will be what to do on Mykonos. I did notice in the “daily” today there’s a “cruising solo and singles get together” scheduled for early evening. Perhaps I’ll attend, wearing the sign Mrs. Kuki made for me. It says… “Even though he’s married, he’s available, and anyone who wants him is welcome to him! But then you’re stuck with him!”

The cabin is actually just fine, and I’m quite comfortable. I guess this report is just some of the “kukiness” which results when I wake up in the very early morning, and need to pass some time.
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