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April 14 Cont’d – by Kuki

From the Ephesus Museum.. the picture above is the origin of the saying… the pen is mightier than the sword.

The Jade stayed in Mykonos until midnight tonight, as our next port of call of Santorini is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Mykonos is very popular tourist vacation spot, including well known artists, actors and actresses, magicians and the occasional unknown cruise travel writer.

On our previous visit here we rented a car and explored the island on our own. Even though signs are in Greek, it’s not a difficult island to tour on your own. Getting lost, simply leads you to spots you may not get to on a tour, and is just part of the adventure. If you’re going to sail the Jade on this itinerary I highly recommend the vehicle rental route. Rental outlets are located immediately adjacent to where the ship’s shuttle drops off passengers.

I was invited to cruise on the Jade as part of a Press Trip put together by NCL’s Public Relations Dept. essentially to experience the implementation of Freestyle 2.0. NCL’s AnneMarie Mathews is hosting the group, along with her colleague Courtney Recht.

AnneMarie arrived in Istanbul the same day I did. Courtney just joined the ship today in Mykonos. Though more press will be joining us as the cruise goes on, at this time the only other writer with us is Dan Askin of Cruise Critic.

I’m explaining a bit about the “Press Trip” so you’ll understand why we’re getting access to some information, areas, and people, we might not get to if we were here on our own.

Oh yes… Dan, AnneMarie, and Courtney all made it to the ship with their luggage, so those heading to European cruises this year should take heart -- it is possible.

Pic above is AnneMarie and Courtney.

I’ve come to believe that my predicament is all Mrs. Kuki’s fault. Every time I cruise without her (which is very infrequently) something goes wrong. Not that she wishes me any ill, but I know she’s been reading along, and laughing her little fanny off.

As we were in port late tonight AnneMarie and Courtney invited us to have dinner with them ashore. We dined at a quaint, yet busy, taverna near the town hall, called Nikos. Getting to spend this relaxed time together is a very pleasant way to get to know the people at the cruise lines, who we often request information from, and gives us, and them, the opportunity to get to know one another on a personal basis as well. It’s nice to just chat, laugh, and tell stories.

While dining we witnessed two very large pink pelicans roaming freely, and surprisingly comfortably, among the crowds. They’re obviously very used to being around people, but it was an odd contrast to see it happening.

I saw one pelican approach the live lobster tank display at one restaurant, looking quite hungry. As he got closer to the entrance I could almost hear him saying… table for 1 please.

After dinner we strolled back to the shuttle pick up spot, and returned to the ship. We stopped by the photo galleries, and had them burn a CD with the pictures I’ve taken so far, so I’m now able to begin to share some of the pictures with you.

This evening in the Stardust Theater the show was a Sound of Music sing-a-long. It began at 8:30, but we were still ashore. It’s likely a good thing because no one onboard would want to hear me singing along to anything. My lack of talent with regard to anything musical, if measurable, could easily be considered for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Another option for evening entertainment tonight was in Spinnaker’s Lounge, with game shows, table games and dancing, but with an early tour booked for tomorrow in Santorini, I chose to try and make an early night of it.
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