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This is a great topic, especially since I'm packing for my cruise this weekend!

One of the things I have learned to bring, and actually keep together in a kit,
is first aid/medications. I have a basic first aid kit , bandaids, ointment, gauze, etc, and have added motion sickness pills, Imodium for diarrhea, Benadryl for bites or allergic reactions, Tylenol for pain, cold medecine, ointment for burnt lips, aloe vera gel for burnt skin, well, you get the picture!

Also, good ideas are a night light for those dark inside cabins,
- sticky note pads for leaving notes for your steward, or your travel companion (s) especially if you're with a group.
- power cord if you have lots of stuff to plug in
- something magnetic to help identify your cabin door in the corridor,
we usually bring a Canada magnet.
- lots of people like to have a highligter pen to highlight what activities they want to do in the daily newsletter. I always forget one!

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