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I attended a bull fight in Barcelona, Spain when I was 9 years old.

Fight starts with four guys teasing the bull with capes for about 1/2 an hour.
Then a couple more guys on horses (stevadores, I believe) come out with blades on the end of 10-12 foot poles. They proceed to stab the bull for quite a while from a safe distance.
Then 3 more guys enter the ring with 2 each 3 foot long barbed sticks(Bandalleros?). They ram these blades deep into the bull's neck. They, of course, stick because of the barbs and continue to rip the bull as he tries to dislodge them.

So now you have a very tired, very bloody bull with sticks stuck in his neck along with an uncountable amount of stab wounds...staggering around the ring, covered with blood and foaming at the mouth.

THEN...brave Matador comes out and kills the bull.

Peace through superior firepower.
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