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Default Re: NCL Dawn - Laundry Facilities

Originally Posted by ABinNJ
Can anyone who has recently sailed (last year or two) tell me if the NCL Dawn has self-service laundry facilities and how much it costs? I've been looking around online and have found a lot of conflicting info - even my contact at NCL wasn't 100% sure. Thanks in advance for your replies!
Just back from our Dawn cruise. We were on deck 9, 9110, to be exact. Just about 4 doors down is the guest laundry that has 3 washers and 3 dryers. No quarters needed. They do sell detergent, but I packed two small All detergents. You will figure out when is the best time to wash. It does get used frequently. I found that drying out on the balcony chairs for a couple of hours and then putting in the dryer worked best. The dryers take forever and a day to get your clothes dry and then you have to be around to check on them. I used the machines three times and it was great having that option available.
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