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Originally Posted by Seasail
Just an additional rule breaker. People will continue to smuggle booze and smokers will continue to smoke on their balcony. That's not to say either is right.
I have to disagree with sneakinga smoke on the balcony. The people who don't smoke can get very nasty if they get a wiff of smoke. I also have asthma so DH doesn't smoke in the cabin or in our home, but what is next, timed showers because we use too much water. I had a "future cruise" booked with Celebirty, and they wouldn't refund my money, so we are taking the only 2 day cruise they have, so we'll get the on board credit for the future cruise, also have stock in RCL, so another OBC, and my TA is also giving us some $$. We won't have to fly to get there, we live in S Florida and will drive down to Miami. As long as RCL lets him smoke on the balcony, fine, but if it comes down to it, we'll sell the stock and be done with them. And I have to agree, some of these ladies and their drowning themselves in perfume, almost strangle me I can't breathe, especially on the elevators!
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