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Default Best wine to bring on board the Victory?

My wife and I never drink wine. Okay, maybe a glass every year or two. On past cruises we have tasted some red wine (Georges Duboeuf I believe) and we liked it.

We will be cruising with some cheapskates and they want to bring a few large bottles of wine on board the Carnival Victory and pay the corkage fee and drink at dinner.

Please give me your advice on which type of wine I should tell these cheapskates to buy (locally) so that we will be drinking good quality wine on the ship and so that it will be the same type of wine that is sold on the ship. (These people are into impressions and want people to think that they are buying the wine on the ship).

Anyway, all advice on wine types is appreciated.

I am a complete novice, so donít make fun of my post. All that I know is that my wife and I like red wine, not so keen on white wine. I really donít care what our friends like, and they only care that they are saving a ton of cash (even with the corkage fee factored in).

So, with that in mind, if you could also give an approximate cost that we should pay for this wine locally (not on the ship).

Thanks in advance
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