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Default Re: fruit basket

Originally Posted by marjrie
Hi, I am new to this forum and reading your reports with great interest.

Am I right in thinking that you get the Cagneys breakfast as you are a past cruiser? Or can anyone in a balcony or mini suite have this?

Also can you tell me if all balcony passengers get the fruit basket, we are going on our first cruise with NCL (1st cruise ever really) in June in a mini suite and wondered if we will get the fruit and canapes?

Hope your suitcase arrives safely very soon.
Welcome to the site first off.

I think I've now mentioned the Cagney's breakfast is for suite passengers and above only. The Mini suites you'll get the custom fruit menu, but not the canape choices. Though the last night there's cookies sent to your cabin.
The mini suites are really nice cabins though!
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