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Yes, we went to Antarctica and around the Cape in February 2008. We were told that the weather we had was much better than in January. The cruise was incredible. We were glad we had cruised Alaska first; Antartica, to quote the captain, is like Alaska on steroids! The scenery was spectacular and the temperature never got below 32 degrees fahrenheit. We only wore our winter coats two days. I wish someone had told us before what the weather would be like, as we packed too many winter clothes and not enough summer clothes.

The only thing I was disappointed about -- get this -- was that the ocean was too calm! I love the feeling of being rocked to sleep at night but we only had that a few times. The seas around Cape Horn almost looked like glass they were so calm. My husband laughed at me for wishing for rougher seas, but I had my ginger root pills handy just in case.

Cruising around Antarctica was never boring, especially since the weather cooperated. But beware -- what the cruise line doesn't tell you ahead of time is that you can't do any laundry for the four days in Antarctica because of their strict environmental regulations. I even brought laundry soap and fabric softener in anticipation.

Another thing to watch out for is the shore excursions, especially in the Falklands. We paid over $100 each to be driven over very rough land in a jeep and then look at one kind of penguin for an hour. We talked to people later who got off the ship, walked down towards the town, and found a tour that only cost themn $10 each! And they not only saw penguins, but sea lions and other wildlife.

So I hope you choose to take this trip. There is talk that the bigger cruise ships might not be allowed to go to Antarctica in the future because of potential pollution problems plus global warming causing the icebergs to melt much faster, so go while you can.
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