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I have always taken my travel iron on all my cruises and as of yet have never had it confiscated. If the ship does have a landry room {most do now on various different floors and locations}I will use it using my own iron.On one CCL curise I asked our room steward where the landry room was beacuse I was going to use my own iron in there. He said normally they dont allow irons to be used in the room but I could use it in my cabin I should just be careful not to leave it on or unattended. I will say I did use the landry room on the Victory for ironing on our last cruise , but it was horrible. The ironing board was set up caddy corner near the door and sink. It was very hard to use. I finally gave up{after the sleve of my shirt went into the sink}, and just ironed in my room. I usually do all my ironing on the first night anyway to get it out of the way so after that the iron is packed away ,also the landry rooms are usually empty that first night.

I will say Princess cruise lines{Golden Princess} had the best and biggest landry rooms I have every seen on a cruise ship. They were in the middle part of the ship{so weather you were port or starboard you could enter it}it had 4 ironing board stations and about 4 washers and dryers each.
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