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Default Oosterdam and other HAL Questions

I'm going on my first Holland America cruise this weekend; third cruise since '05. I'm hooked. In the past I have cruised with Carnival and it's been a blast. I'm afraid HAL isn't quite the 'fun ship' I have experienced in the past and I'm afraid I might be a little dissapointed. None the less, I do have a few questions - especially for those that have gone on a HAL cruise recently.

1.) For alcohol, I prefer beer and was curious what brands they sell on board. (such as coors light, miller light, bud light, ect..... Carnival didn't have Coors light on my last cruise - May '07)

2.) Are beers served in 16oz plastic bottles (like Carnival), 16oz aluminum cans/bottles, or another size? I prefer plastic as I'm sure they do to safety reasons.

3.) Do you remember what the price is for a bucket of beer?

4.) The $15 fee for bringing wine/champagne on board - is it per bottle, or total no matter how many bottles you bring on?

5.) I'm worried about the dress code. I almost ALWAYS wore sandles on carnival except at dinner. Are t-shirts, shorts, sandles, and pool wear acceptable when going from one location to another? Meaning, can I go from the pool to another part of the ship without getting odd looks during normal pool hours?

6.) Where on the boat are jeans acceptable?

7.) Any idea how much laundry service is? I was hoping to pack a small amount of clothes and then do a wash on board myself, but apparently I can't on the Oosterdam. If it's reasonably priced, I might still pack light for the 7 day voyage.

8.) What late night activities are there to do on board? Lounges/ dance clubs? I'm looking forward to the piano bar but I'm hoping there is still a lot to do after 11pm besides gamble.

Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

I have read several of the HAL reviews and I'm thinking I might feel somewhat out of place. Myself and my girlfriend are going with 3 other couples and we are all between 25 and 32 years old. I hope we aren't too rowdy for HAL's standards. We are all young professionals, but we do like to have fun on vacations - and for several of us that means leatting loose so to speak. Should be a vaction to always remember with my great friends.

Thanks again,
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