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Scurvy I have always seen ear plugs in gift shops on ships...until I needed them lol! If by chance you are part of a roll call I would strongly recommend that you volunteer to be the M&G coodinator for your group and be the one who emails the ship coodinator to set things up. They treated us like royalty. There's no guarantee, but this time it was a wonderful experience.

This is our second time sailing on the Spirit, we enjoyed her both times. She is ready for a refurb. especially many windows need to be replaced as the seals have blown and they have fogged up, to the degree you can't see out of quite a few of them. But truthfully that did not take away from our enjoyment of this cruise. I hope the have time to really spruce her up during her dry dock in November as I love this ship and would like to see her kept in her splendor.
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