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Luggage Update! Luggage Update!
At 5 P.M. I decided to check in at guest relations to see if there had been any further update on my luggage. I spoke with the Ass’t Front Office Manger, Oya OHARA. I mention her by name only because I love the name!

At any rate Oya informs me she spoke directly with the Port Agent in Egypt this morning who “said” they had in their possession a red suitcase with my name on it. As it sounds like it should be mine, my mood lifted, but there is a BUT.

She requested the Port Agent fax, or email, the detailed confirmation to her, so they have confirmation in writing, as is required by policy. By this afternoon, no confirmation in writing has been received to the ship. Oya stated she had just spoke to them again 15 minutes prior to my stopping by, and they “said” they were sending out an email “right away”, but as of this moment, still nothing has arrived.

I am holding out some hope. But I certainly have my own BIG BUT (I have one of those too, but I’m speaking of a different type now). Mine is… BUT what would happen if as a passenger I ran into a more serious problem in Egypt? If NCL is dealing with a company that isn’t capable of sending a confirming fax or email during the course of a full business day, how reliable would they be if they had to deal with a more serious situation?

Wonder where they'll send my casket

As I stated yesterday, I do not tolerate incompetence well! It’s important to note that this entire situation was not the fault of NCL.

To be factual, Oya has said they have filed an official complaint now with the Port Agent company.

I have been describing the process in complete detai, not so much to sound picky, but because as travelers I do think it’s important information to share, and important for everyone reading to think about these possibilities, and plan ahead as best as you possibly can.
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