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This stuff is like nectar of the gods, I tell you what! I've never liked tequila and I could seriously be perfectly happy polishing off a whole bottle by myself. lol

It's Cava Antigua tequila. It comes in a hand-blown, squatty-shaped bottle with a cork stopper. The labels are made of leather, and this varierty was the light amber colored tequila, the label says it's Licor de Almendra.
This last trip down there, we were determined to find more. We stopped in every liquor shop asking for it, after about the 15th one, we found it. It's not easy to find, very few shops carry it. When you're in the square where the fire dancers are, face the Gulf, then go right. The tiny, tiny shop was about two blocks from the square, but I can't remember exactly where on that street. It was within two blocks from the road that runs along the Gulf. It's not the cheapest tequila you'll find down there, by any means, but it's so worth the cost. Just don't forget to barter.
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