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Tony and Tina’s Wedding
I enjoyed getting ready for dinner tonight. For a change, I had a choice of what to wear to dinner. It was a surprising treat to use my own toothbrush tonight as well.

Another two members of the press group arrived to join the cruise today. One had actually flown in to Istanbul the same day as I had, but somewhere between leaving New York City, and arriving in Istanbul, she’d lost or misplaced her passport. And with no sympathy or any offer to look for another solution, and without a blink of any eye, authorities in Istanbul had put her right back on a flight back to New York City. When she arrived back to JFK in New York City she found her passport had shown up there. She stayed a few days, and then flew in to Cairo yesterday, stayed overnight, and joined the ship today. That situation certainly sounded like much more of a pain in the “derriere” than losing your luggage.

Most of the others in the group left the ship today for shore excursions to Cairo. AnneMarie and I stayed onboard, and then tonight, joined by the two new arrivals, we went to dinner at Papa’s Kitchen, before going to Tony and Tina’s Wedding being held in Spinnakers. At Tony and Tina’s wedding they do serve a pasta buffet, but we decided to go to dinner prior to attending “the wedding”.

The Veal Marsala I ate the last time we ate there was so good, I had it again, and it didn’t disappoint. The cover charge at Papa’s Kitchen is $10 PP.

As we left Papa’s Kitchen to make our way to the Spinnaker Lounge, we passed through the Garden Café. As part of the Freestyle 2.0 upgrades, in the evenings the tables are now set with table cloths, as well as place settings for a casual alternate dining experience. Even the special section that is set aside for a children’s buffet, is set up in the evenings with table clothes and full place settings; quite cute.

Tony and Tina’s wedding begins with meeting the families over drinks; though as is customary you don’t see the bride before the wedding. You do however meet the cast of characters; the Nunzioto and Vatali families from New Jersey, and my favorite character, Vinny Black the lively caterer and co-owner Vinny Black’s Coliseum, where the wedding takes place. All of the characters are played as caricatures, and do an excellent job of staying in character throughout the evening, even in interpersonal exchanges with members of the audience.

This is only the second cruise where they’ve attempted this event on one of the NCL international ships, and they admittedly chose a bit of an odd evening to do it, during an overnight stay in Alexandria, where many of the passengers were not back onboard yet, from their very full day excursions to Cairo. Even so, they seemed to draw a reasonably sized crowd.

It’s a very interactive event, and once it starts to draw crowds, it will get to be more fun, and I think it will grow to be quite a popular event.
This was just another example of how much effort NCL is putting into offering an extremely broad variety of entertainment onboard.
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