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The structure of the Crown Princess ship's balconies is tiered meaning you can look down fully on the balconies directly below yours. It is a different configeration than most ships with balconies. So if the cabin below yours has someone who smokes on their balcony, it comes right up to yours. There is no escape from the smoke either from the balcony on either side of you.

What is the point of spending more money to get a balcony if you cannot enjoy the pure and fresh sea air? Once the smoke gets into your cabin, it has nowhere to go. The smell gets into the fabrics and stays there.

We had a cigar smoker on the deck below who sat on his balcony puffing away without any concern for those cabins around him. Several cabins on my deck complained about the smoke and called the Purser's Office to complain. One cabin even had the Purser go out on their balcony to experience the smoke first hand. When the smoker was confronted by the Purser, he tried to deny it but the Purser had witnessed it first hand. The passengers right above his cabin were ready to resort to what would have amounted to actions that would have gotten them put off the ship -- pouring water down on him as soon as he lit up! They could not sit out on their own balcony because his cigar smoke drifted up into their cabin and they had a 10-month old child with them.

Smoking is not only inconsiderate but poses more of a health risk to non smokers as second hand smoke. Anyone who has seen a close friend or relative dying of lung cancer who never was a smoker knows that the person was a victim of the environment. Smoking is air pollution. Smokers do not have the right to poision the environment of others.

Most ships have a dedicated cigar lounge. How many times have we had to rush through the Casino due to the heavy smoke. Or until smoking was eliminated from most lounges, non smokers never could enjoy the offerings presented there. These smoking areas were off limits to non smokers.

Congrats to Celebrity for taking this stand. Hopefully, it will spread over to RCI before the year is out.

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