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Default Re: old fashioned washboard to save on laundry?

Originally Posted by bluebonnets
I do not want to pay the high price of laundry on board and am considering bringing an old fashion washboard in my luggage. My husband had a gastric bypass and has a few small 'accidents' every day. I am wondering if it would be advisable or practical for him to use a small washboard to scrub out his underwear and pants. I would certainly not feel comfortable asking the cabin Steward to launder such items on a daily basis.

We have considered adult diapers but he is still to large at 380 to fit in one. He had his gastric bypass surgery last July and refuses to abide by the diet and instead gorges himself on sweets 24/7. The sweets cause him to have uncontrollable flatulence and frequent accidents.

My mother-in-law is the one who suggested the old fashioned washboard but I am open to suggestions.
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