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Even if you don't like history, take it as it was awesome when we went to Alaska on the Spirit with Carnival. We booked through carnival, and not 5 min into the tour, the train came to a stop for about 15 min then started backing up! Come to find out, a tree had fallen over the tracks and had to be cleared. We thought the excursion was cancelled, but we were told to come back in 1 1/2 hours and we would board again. We did and the excursion was totally awesome! You won't regret it. I would book with Carnival - always do for fear of being left behind! What would happen if you were on the train for instance and had to wait to come back down the mountain? Missing the ship? I'm just a chicken I guess, but in any event, it is well worth taking! We have only been to Alaska once (glacier route) and are booked next year South bound. What other excursions do you have picked? Alaska excursions are soooooooo expensive! but worth it. :-)
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