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Originally Posted by Nicnme
Kuki - wondering if you can break down what restaurants charge extra and which are included. It seems to be that even charging $10 pp isn't that much but with what you already have given NCL for the cruise why charge again? I will say we went to Scarletts on Carnival Valor and thought it well worth it. But it seems all or most of the dining rooms charge. Just some clarification please. Thank you and keep the pictures coming!
As mentioned above, the price structure is changing, and I'll have the updated pricing info to share tomorrow.

As for the extra cover charges you might not be used to on other cruise lines.....
I think the variety available is great. The thing you really need to do is add in the cost of a few meals in the alternate surcharge restaurants... then if the TOTAL price still seems like a great deal, then you can book knowing you are going to enjoy the complete Freestyle experience.

If you really don't want to spend extra $ on dining, it IS quite possible to eat pretty darn well without spending any extra.
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