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Originally Posted by You
Its USS Constitution and the USS Independence
It's neither of the above. The designation "USS" ("United States Ship") is reserved for ships of the U. S. Navy.

>> USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, is a frigate commissioned in 1797 for the War against the Barbary Pirates. She also engaged in combat, with distinction, in the War of 1812, when British canonballs bouncing off of her hull earned her the nickname "Old Ironsides," and as a training ship at the U. S. Naval Academy during the American Civil War. She now is normally moored next to the USS Constitution Museum at the former Chelsea Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts. Her crew, dressed in period uniforms, conducts tours for visitors as one of the stops along Boston's historic Freedom Trail.

USS Constitution Under Sail off Marblehead, Massachusetts.

>> USS Independence (CVA-62/CV-62) is the last aircraft carrier of the Forrestal class built in the late 1950's. She served in the Vietnam War and both Gulf wars until her decommissioning in 2004. She was moored at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, pending disposal.

USS Independence (CVA-62) in Naples, Italy.

The ship in the photo also cannot be either SS Independence or SS Constitution, sister liners built in the 1950's for American Export Lines. These liners had two stacks, whereas the ship in the photo has only one.

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