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Default I have to respectfully disagree

Kuki. Sorry please don't shoot the messenger, someone has given you some incorrect information regarding the current/previous prices. Nothing has gone down in price, and actually if the new pricing they gave you is correct, and I understand they have already raised the prices on some of their other ships, then it will have increased in three of the onboard restaurants.
Here are the prices from our November Pearl cruise, I am referring back to the dailies, these were the same as the prices we paid at surcharge restaurants on the Sun in March 2007 as well and our recent Spirit cruise. Until recently there has never been a charge for the Italian restuarant. I will be more than glad to forward you a copy of our dailies, but I can tell you I am 100% certain the past pricing NCL has provided to you is incorrect, and none of the restaurants have gone down in price. I am not saying the restaurants are not worth extra $$$, but someone has made an error if they are saying they are lowering the prices in the speciality restaurants.

Le Bistro: $15 per person - SAME November:$15
Cagney’s: $20 per person - SAME November $20
Jasmine Garden & Shabu Shabu: $15 per person - UP $5 November $10
Sushi: $15 per person - SAME November $15
Teppanyaki: $25 per person - UP $5 November $20
Papa’s Italian: $10 per person - UP $10 November: NO CHARGE
Le Bistro Brunch: $15 per person November: previously unavailable

Also regarding children under 12, previously there was no charge if the child ordered from the childrens menu. A couple of weeks ago they attempted to charge full price for the kids, but when I questioned it, the gentleman I spoke to said it was up to the discretion of the manager on duty whether or not they charged for the children or not.
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